Embracing a Holistic Approach to Health and Well-Being

A Trusted Spiritual Healer and Counselor

Sarah Stickeler M.A., (The Spiral Road) Synthetic Analyst and Holistic Counseling Services

I provide spiritual healing and holistic counseling services to clients on the spiral road to health and well being. As a counselor, I use an approach called Synthetic Analysis. This method is directed at helping individuals, families, and couples develop deeper and more meaningful relationships with themselves in aid of striving towards their full potential in life personally and professionally.

If you are struggling with stubborn or complex relationship issues, difficult life transitions, addictive disorders, or somatic complaints that slow you down making you  feel generally unsatisfied with life, I can show you how to reconnect with your hidden strengths, and understand the deeper purpose behind apparent deficits and symptoms. By doing so, I can help you move forward and live a more satisfying and balanced life.

I have successful experience dealing with, and resolving, resistant long-term trauma and stubborn relational conflicts, which often manifest in psychological, relational, and/or somatic symptoms. Using an alternative holistic approach, I am able to help clients get the clarity they need to navigate their way through relationships and problematic symptoms. This counseling strategy combines traditional and non-traditional talk therapy with imaginal techniques like creative exercises and energy regulation work.